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Our competent and motivated team has been working in Plauen / Vogtland since April 2002. The simultaneous takeover of the business activities of BRÖSEL - Industrietechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Wiesbaden, Germany, merged modern working and thinking with the knowledge and experience for over 100 years.

Excerpt from a class test of our trainees.
                                           Title: Corporate culture in my company

In my training company are a few points about coporatate culture.
We all treat each other with respect, no matter where you come from, what you look like, what gender you are or what position you hold. Together we make plans about the daily routine, organize trips to customers, manage projects and other things.
We also always treat our customers and suppliers with respect. With a few customers and suppliers we have a more amicable relationship.
Together we contrive the look of our office and everyone can design his workplace on his own.
In our workshop we build all tools and equipment so that everyone can work with it.
Nearly everyday we speak about things happening all over the world.
Also private matters can be addressed any time.
A great common ground between us all is humour, which makes it way easier to work together as a team.

SE/ May 2020


As a partner to our international clientele, reliability in service, quality and delivery reliability is particularly important to us. Short decision paths and synergy effects help to achieve the greatest possible customer benefit. In close cooperation with our clients we initiate and realize improvements in quality and production processes.


Porcelain- and Ceramicindustry

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