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Porcelain- and Ceramicindustry

Deglazingbelts - Spongerubber
Deglazingbelts - Flock belts
Deglazing machine MD I
Finger - Spongebelts synthetic foam
1 -4 rows various qualities and shapes
Sponge rubber:

Sponge rubber in various space weights and pore-sizes (info)

- sheets and cuts
- rolls
- balls
Synthetic foam:

Synthetic foam made of PUR and PE in different pore sizes and densities available. (info)

- sheets and cuts
- rolls / machine sponges
- handsponges
- filter foams porosity from 10 - 90 ppi
Sponge sticks / Putz - Lollis
In more than 100 versions
Squeegees and decal presses
Felt - Filterbags
Casting cocks
Plaster mould tapes made of rubber and Velcro fastener
Plastic blade scraper


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